Additive Manufacturing: Design for Functionality

Additive manufacturing has removed design barriers to enable the creation of geometries that were previously not possible and/or affordable through traditional manufacturing. This has unlocked the door to faster innovation and exploration of improved designs while still offering the same quality through high-performance materials.

The benefits of integrating additive manufacturing into conventional manufacturing are clear. Still, to realize its full potential, OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers seek the consult of experts to guide them on their journey of uncovering the right applications, materials, and processes.

Baker Industries Will Guide You on Your Journey into Additive Manufacturing

Our experts will work closely with your team on everything from identifying and evaluating AM candidates to exploring design improvements and supporting production. Our goal is to help you bring unparalleled tooling and components to the industry while transforming your business.

Common Additive Manufacturing Applications

  • Jigs, fixtures, and gauges
  • Cutting/trim tools
  • Assembly tools
  • Injection molding tools/parts
  • Layup tools
  • Washout mandrels
  • Trapped tooling
  • Autoclave tooling
  • Metalforming dies
  • Conformal cooling

Additive Manufacturing Materials

Please see our 3D printing services page for the most accurate list of materials we currently offer.

Thermoplastic and Thermoset Materials for Additive Manufacturing

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

  • ABS-ESD7
  • ABS-M30
  • ABS-M30i
  • ABSi
  • ASA
  • Antero 800NA
  • Antero 840
  • CN03 (PEKK)
  • Nylon 12
  • Nylon 12CF
  • PC
  • PC-ABS
  • PC-ISO
  • PPSF (a.k.a. PPSU)
  • TPU 92A
  • ULTEM 1010
  • ULTEM 9085
  • ULTEM 9085 CG

Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF)

  • Nylon 12
  • Nylon 12 PA
  • Polypropylene


  • Agilus 30A-95A
  • Digital ABS Plus
  • Rigur
  • Vero

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

  • Flex TPE
  • Nylon 11
  • Nylon 11 EX
  • Nylon 11 FR
  • Nylon 12 AF
  • Nylon 12 CF
  • Nylon 12 FR
  • Nylon 12 GF
  • Nylon 12 HST
  • Nylon 12 PA
  • PA 11
  • PA 11 FR
  • PA 12 Glass Bead
  • TPU 88A

Stereolithography (SLA)

  • Accura 25
  • Accura ClearVue
  • SC 1000P
  • Somos NeXt
  • Somos ProtoGen 18420
  • Somos WaterClear Ultra 10122
  • Somos WaterShed XC 11122

Metallic Materials for Additive Manufacturing

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

  • Aluminum AlSi10Mg
  • Cobalt-Chrome MP1
  • Maraging (Tool) Steel MS1
  • Nickel Alloy IN625
  • Nickel Alloy IN718
  • Nickel Alloy K500
  • Stainless Steel 17-4PH
  • Stainless Steel 316L
  • Stainless Steel GP1
  • Titanium Ti-64
  • Titanium Ti-64 ELI

Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM)

  • High-strength, low-alloy steel
  • Invar® 36
  • Mild steel
  • Nickel Alloy 618
  • Nickel Alloy 625
  • Nickel Alloy 718
  • Nickel-aluminum-bronze
  • Stainless steel (316- and 400-series)
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By the Baker Industries Team

This content was written by various Baker Industries experts. Baker Industries is an industry-leading supplier of tooling, flight hardware, prototyping, CNC machining, fabrication, additive manufacturing, and more. For more information, please visit our Capabilities Web Page.

Disclaimer: The content on this web page is for informational purposes only. The Lincoln Electric Company DBA Baker Industries (“Baker”) makes no representation or warranty of any kind, be it expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness, or validity of the information. Any performance parameters, geometric tolerances, specific design features, quality and types of materials, or processes should not be inferred to represent what will be delivered by Baker. Buyers seeking quotes for parts are responsible for defining the specific requirements for those parts. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.

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