Architecture, Design, and Art Manufacturing Capabilities

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The Architecture, Design, and Art Industry Standard in Large-Scale, High-Precision Manufacturing

Ready to disrupt the industry? At Baker Industries, we bring cutting-edge digital manufacturing technology to the hands of architects, engineers, designers, and artists, expanding design freedom and allowing them to create complex, intricate, and innovative products unlike anything previously possible. Harnessing the power of technologies like 3D printing, advanced fabrication, and CNC machining, we take virtually any vision and make it a reality. From public art to historical restoration and everything in-between, we’re revolutionizing architectural manufacturing.

With over 30 years of experience serving the world’s leading OEM and Tier-1 manufacturers in the world’s most demanding industries, we have a deep understanding of the needs of our customers and are prepared to meet the product and support requirements of virtually any customer or project. Coupled with our unparalleled collection of some of the largest equipment in the world and a dedicated workforce of hundreds, this allows us to provide precise, flexible, and tailored manufacturing solutions, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and continuous satisfaction.

Common Applications

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Our Architecture, Design, and Art Customers

Architecture, Design, and Art Manufacturing Capabilities

Large-Scale, End-to-End Solutions to Support Any Project

Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, coupled with our in-house team of experienced craftspeople, bring architectural dreams to reality. We partner with innovative architects, designers, artists, general contractors, and more to design, engineer, fabricate, and install intricate architectural and ornamental structures, decor, building envelopes, artwork, and more.

Digital and Advanced Fabrication

We harness the power of large-scale, advanced design and manufacturing technologies previously only available to other industries to bring intricate, complex architectural and artistic visions to life. And it’s all backed by our world-class quality management system and quality assurance team.


Custom Finishing

Harnessing in-house capabilities and those of our robust local supply chain, we perform custom finishing processes of many types to add the final touches and details to your project, including painting, powder coating, galvanizing, anodizing, and much more.

Design and Engineering

Our team of engineers, designers, and architects works alongside yours, harnessing advanced design and engineering software to develop, analyze, and refine your project. When involved early in your project’s development, we are able to provide valuable advice on manufacturability, fabrication processes, materials, finishes, and much more, ensuring that your project is perfectly designed to benefit from the power of our advanced fabrication capabilities.

Design Software

3D Scanning & Reverse-Engineering

Using advanced 3D scanning technology, we reverse-engineer exact digital models of physical objects, such as historic details so they can be recreated using our advanced fabrication processes.

On-Site Installation

Our licensed and insured network of subcontractors and in-house craftspeople travel the globe installing projects on-site to ensure perfect form, fit, and function. We are also experienced in working alongside general contractors to and working alongside general contractors as they complete installation.


Steel Sculpture

Brian Peters Studio


Jenny Sabin Studio

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