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We are an industry-leading, award-winning contract manufacturer specializing in large-scale, low-volume CNC machining, fabrication, additive manufacturing, and more.

Over the past 30 years, we’ve taken our capabilities to the next level by continuously investing in cutting-edge technologies, acquiring some of the largest and most advanced equipment in the world, and gaining a solid reputation as a pioneer and one of North America’s most trusted, capable, and diversified manufacturers.

What We Do

Large-Scale, End-to-End Capabilities to Support Any Industry

Design & Engineering

At the heart of our innovation is a skilled design and engineering team focused on providing innovative, functional, and cost-effective solutions to support your programs.

Harnessing centuries of combined experience, we work collaboratively with your team to seamlessly provide the path from mind to manufacturing.

CNC Machining

With the rapidly evolving needs of our customers and the industry in mind, we were an early adopter of five-axis machining technology in the 1990s, bringing some of the country’s first machines ashore—but we didn’t stop there.

We’ve continued investing in the latest technology, building one of North America’s most extensive and advanced collections of equipment, which includes several of the largest machines in the world, all equipped with state-of-the-art controls and software.

Fabrication and Welding

We provide complete fabrication services to a diverse customer base, fulfilling arduous demands and conforming to some of the world’s strictest quality requirements. Our expert welders, inspectors, and supervisors are qualified by leading AWS and ASME standards and have access to 45,000 square feet of fully equipped and highly flexible facilities.

And, following our acquisition by Lincoln Electric, the world leader in welding and cutting equipment and products, our access to state-of-the-art equipment, technology, resources, and craftspeople is untouchable.

3D Printing

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is yet another technology that we began investing in early and have become a recognized pioneer in. With over a decade of industry leadership, we provide one of the country’s most complete selections of metal and plastic additive manufacturing processes and materials, from small to large, using cutting-edge in-house technology and a formidable supply chain developed over the years.

Our experts work closely with your team on everything from identifying and evaluating additive manufacturing candidates to exploring design improvements and cost savings.

Large-Scale 3D Metal Printing

Metal 3D printing holds promise to revolutionize manufacturing as we know it. However, the vast majority of existing technologies are limited in terms of build envelope and production rates, forcing users to forego their use altogether or compromise on things like size, material waste, and porosity.

We’re changing that. Lincoln Electric’s proprietary 3D metal printing technology is capable of printing several industrial metals, including combinations of materials, to produce items up to 8 feet tall and weighing over 5,000 pounds, presenting a strong solution for a nearly endless range of large-scale industrial applications.

Automation and Integration

Decrease manufacturing costs, increase part quality, and streamline production efficiencies with a recognized leader and innovator of automated arc welding products, metal fabrication, and assembly line solutions. Our diverse range of automation and integration solutions focuses on providing customers with customized solutions that are flexible, allowing customers to easily modify and upgrade systems as their needs change.

Assembly and Finishing

To provide our customers with a single source for the entire scope of their project, we have two flexible 55,000-square-foot facilities dedicated to assembly and finishing, both of which are fully equipped with 30-ton overhead cranes and top-of-the-line equipment and tools. In addition, our large industrial spray booth (with a heated dry cycle) enables in-house paint and coatings, and a very robust local supply chain allows us to provide nearly any other finishing process required.

Our team is skilled at everything from small parts and prototypes to massive, intricate structures and works around the clock seven days per week.

Quality Inspection and Testing

Meeting the stringent requirements of the industries we serve is no easy task, but it’s one that we take very seriously. From an impenetrable quality management system backed by globally recognized certifications to the latest inspection tools and software, our dedicated QA team is equipped to succeed–and they do. It’s not the certificates on the wall that our customers rave about; it’s our people.

We use CMMs, laser trackers, 3D scanners, hand tools, and the latest software from start to finish to ensure that every process used to manufacture your product is bulletproof. And for more specialized inspection and testing processes, our expansive supplier base allows us to manage the entire process for our customers.

Quality is our commitment; continuous improvement is our culture.

On-Site Installation

Nobody knows your project better than the experts that manufactured it. Our program managers, tradespeople, and tools travel the globe installing finished products at customers’ facilities and sites to ensure perfect fit, function, and a smooth process from project kickoff until the last detail is installed.

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