Unleash the Potential of Metal-Additive Manufacturing

Discover the Benefits of Large-Scale 3D Metal Printing with Baker Industries

As the manufacturing industry evolves, metal additive manufacturing has emerged as a game-changer. Baker Industries is at the forefront of this transformative technology, in collaboration with Lincoln Electric’s Additive Solutions Center. By specializing in large-scale metal wire additive manufacturing, we have revolutionized the production of 3D-printed metal components. Explore the remarkable benefits that metal additive manufacturing brings to diverse industries.

Expanding Capabilities: Lincoln Electric’s Acquisition and Specialization in Large-Format Metal Wire Additive Manufacturing

At the core of our success lies Lincoln Electric’s acquisition of Baker Industries, harnessing the expertise of our Cleveland, Ohio, facility. Our specialization in large-format metal wire additive manufacturing enables us to cover the entire spectrum of components and processes required for achieving repeatable, accurate, and precise 3D-printed metal components. With comprehensive control over manufacturing, including wire, torches, materials, software, and post-processing using our extensive CNC machining capabilities, we deliver exceptional results. Our ability to accurately print various exotic materials, such as Invar, has garnered immense success in aerospace, defense, and other industries.

Leveraging Baker Industries’ Expertise in Large-Scale Metal Additive Manufacturing

In addition to our large-scale metal additive manufacturing capabilities in Ohio, Baker Industries offers a diverse portfolio of post-processing and other expertise through our five plants in Macomb, Michigan. Collaborative efforts extend beyond our organization as we work closely with machine shops, aiding them in machining large, complex 3D metal objects. This unique collaboration benefits our competitors and us, demonstrating our commitment to industry advancement.

The Power of Integration: Achieving Superior Results with CNC Machining + Additive Manufacturing

The ongoing debate in the manufacturing world centers around the potential replacement of CNC machining and traditional methodologies by 3D printing. However, we have harnessed the best of both worlds at Baker Industries, finding the perfect balance between CNC machining and additive manufacturing. By leveraging the strengths of each technology, we achieve superior results. CNC machining is a complementary process to additive manufacturing, efficiently bringing printed parts to their final state, and ensuring precision and quality. Read our case study on fiberglass and composite tooling to witness the seamless integration of CNC and additive manufacturing.

Exploring the Versatility of Large-Scale 3D Metal Printing

While not every application is suitable for 3D printing, large-scale metal printing offers remarkable benefits. Our expertise spans various materials, including steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, and our exclusive patented metal, Invar. With additive manufacturing, we overcome the limitations of traditional manufacturing methods. Components previously assembled through multiple parts can now be produced as a single piece, reducing assembly time and enhancing strength and toughness. Industries such as aerospace, automotive, and defense have witnessed the transformative power of large-scale 3D metal printing.

Streamlined Manufacturing: Comparing Metal Printing and Casting Technologies

In the realm of metal manufacturing, casting stands as another prominent technology competing with 3D printing. Casting involves numerous stages, from concept development to mold creation, casting/forging, and post-processing operations. In stark contrast, metal additive manufacturing significantly reduces the number of manufacturing stages, allowing for single-run production and minimizing post-processing requirements. This streamlined approach expedites production and ensures cleaner finishes.

Accelerating Time-to-Market and Design Freedom: Embracing the Advantages of Metal Additive Manufacturing

Traditional manufacturing methods often entail significant time-to-market delays due to design, setup, secondary operations, and shipping. In contrast, metal additive manufacturing empowers organizations to operate on demand, producing parts as needed. By reducing inventory, businesses can decrease overhead costs associated with warehousing and maintenance. Furthermore, additive manufacturing unlocks expanded design freedom, enabling designers to create concepts and prototypes with variable wall thicknesses, large overhangs, and generative designs for lightweight applications. Embrace the virtually limitless possibilities of metal additive manufacturing.

Redefining the Future of Manufacturing with Baker Industries’ Metal Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Baker Industries, in collaboration with Lincoln Electric’s Additive Solutions Center, is at the forefront of metal additive manufacturing. Through large-scale 3D metal printing, we unlock unparalleled precision, efficiency, and innovation across industries. Experience the transformative power of metal additive manufacturing with Baker Industries today.

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