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In April 2019, Baker Industries was acquired by Lincoln Electric to complement the company’s automation portfolio and its new metal additive manufacturing service business.

Lincoln Electric is the world leader in the engineering, design, and manufacturing of advanced arc welding solutions, automated joining, assembly and cutting systems, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting equipment, and has a leading global position in brazing and soldering alloys. Lincoln is recognized as the Welding Expert™ for its leading materials science, software development, automation engineering, and application expertise, which advance customers’ fabrication capabilities to help them build a better world. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Lincoln has 56 manufacturing locations in 19 countries and a worldwide network of distributors and sales offices serving customers in over 160 countries.

Our Lincoln Electric Affiliates

Lincoln Electric’s Automation portfolio brings a wide range of additional cutting-edge competencies to our already diverse capabilities.

Coldwater Machine Company

Lincoln Electric Automation’s Coldwater Facility specializes in turnkey, automated solutions, including assembly lines, vision inspection systems, straightening systems, robotics, welding systems—including friction stir welding, friction spot welding, and laser welding—and more. Build-to-print and CNC machining services are also offered.

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Easom Automation

Lincoln Electric Automation’s Easom Facility specializes in manufacturing and integrating automation and positioning solutions, including turntables, positioners, robotic transport units, tool shuttles, conveyors, lifters, and other specialty equipment.

Fori Automation

(additional facilities in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Mexico, South Korea, and Spain)

The latest addition to Lincoln Electric Automation’s portfolio, Fori Automation, specializes in automated material handling, assembly, end-of-line, and body and chassis welding and machining systems. 

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Pro Systems

Lincoln Electric Automation’s Pro Systems Facility specializes in automated solutions for the plastics industry, including vertical molding, horizontal molding, linear assembly, and rotary assembly systems as well as robotics, vision technologies, testing systems, and welding systems (close-tolerance resistance, ultrasonic, hot plate, and laser). 


Lincoln Electric Automation’s Rimrock Facility specializes in general automation and specialized automated solutions for die casting, foundries, and forging, including ladles, sprayers, extractors, finishing equipment, turnkey robotic systems, and more.

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Robolution GmbH

Lincoln Electric Automation’s Robolution Facility specializes in both standard and automated welding cells, positioners, torque modules, tooling, and more.

Tennessee Rand

Lincoln Electric Automation’s Tennessee Rand Facility specializes in automated welding systems and tooling integration, clamping products, robotics, CNC machining, and more.

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Vizient Manufacturing Solutions

Lincoln Electric Automation’s Vizient Facility specializes in custom-engineered robotic systems for welding and material handling as well as positioners, tooling, and more.

Wayne Trail Technologies

Lincoln Electric Automation’s Wayne Trail Facility specializes in automated solutions and services for presses, welding, tube processing, hydro-forming, structural frames, assembly, and more.

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Wolf Robotics

Lincoln Electric Automation’s Wolf Robotics Facility specializes in robotic welding, cutting, cladding, finishing, pre-heating, and temperature-sensing solutions. Wolf also supplies tooling, positioners, robot carriers, software, accessories, and sensors.

Zeman Bauelemente

Lincoln Electric Automation’s Zeman Facility specializes in the research, development, and production of automation solutions for steel fabrication, including welding and assembly robots, site logistics, and rollforming solutions.

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