Medical Devices and Equipment Manufacturing Capabilities

Industry Overview

The Medical Devices and Equipment Industry Standard in Tooling, Parts, and More

Durable, high-quality parts made by reliable suppliers are the foundation of every medical device or machine.

With over 30 years of experience, we have a deep understanding of the medical devices and equipment industry and the needs of our customers within it. Coupled with our robust collection of equipment and dedicated workforce of hundreds, this allows us to provide precise, flexible, and tailored manufacturing solutions, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and continuous satisfaction.

Medical Devices and Equipment Manufacturing Capabilities

Large-Scale, End-to-End Solutions to Support Any Project

3D-printed prototype medical/dental/surgical device


3D-printed artifacts

3D Printing

A large metal part on a robotic 3D printer for wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM)

Large-Scale 3D Metal Printing

A large five-axis CNC machine

CNC Machining

A fabricator welding a part

Fabrication and Welding

A tool builder using hand tools to finish tooling

Assembly and Finishing

Quality technician using a laser tracker to inspect a large Invar aerospace tool (layup mold for composites fabrication)

Inspection and Testing

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Robotics and R&D

Plant 4

Assembly & Inspection

Plant 3

Assembly & Inspection

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Plant 1

Headquarters & CNC Machining