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Decrease manufacturing costs, increase quality, and streamline production efficiencies with a recognized leader and innovator of automated arc welding products, metal fabrication, assembly line, and material handling solutions. Learn more about our automation products for heavy equipment and industrial machinery manufacturing below.

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About Lincoln Electric Automation

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Lincoln Electric’s diverse range of automation and integration solutions focuses on providing customers with customized solutions that increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve quality. Our systems are designed to be flexible, allowing customers to easily modify and upgrade systems as their needs change.

In addition to automation systems, we also offer a range of integration services, including system design and engineering, project management, and after-sales support. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians works closely with customers to understand their specific needs and develop solutions that meet their unique requirements.

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Browse Automation and Integration Solutions for the Heavy Equipment and Industrial Machinery Industry

An automated guided vehicle moving large metal ingots

Material Handling

Automated Guided Vehicles for safe, continuous movement of materials, parts, and complete products.

A robotic welder welding a metal component for the heavy equipment industry

Robotic Welding

Improve production efficiency and reduce error, risk of injury, and the need for skilled labor with automated welding systems tailored to your application.

A collaborative robotic welder welding a component for the heavy equipment industry

Collaborative Robotics

Collaborative automated solutions are built to work safely alongside people without the need for safety barriers, allowing for adaptability within a production environment.

An automated dispensing system


When it comes to dispensing, sorting, or filling tasks, today's dispensing robot technology can provide real cost-saving opportunities through enhanced control and consistency compared to conventional and semi-automatic processes.

An automated material removal/cutting system

Material Removal

Automated systems designed to remove metal waste and excess material from work zones can optimize production cycles and reduce workplace hazards.

A mechanized automated system with a large metal part for the heavy equipment industry

Mechanized Automation

To stay competitive, fabricators of large sections of metal pipe or plate must find innovative ways to meet demand while satisfying high standards and code requirements.

An automated metal casting system for the heavy equipment industry

Metal Casting

Simple one-axis ladles and sprayers to complex robotic finishing systems to produce a high volume of castings for uniform and repeatable quality.

An automated metalforming system for the heavy equipment industry


Systems designed to automate metalforming processes streamline production efficiencies for small to large parts in single-piece to high-volume run applications.

A multi-process integrated automation system

Multi-Process Systems Integration

As our capabilities to automate manufacturing tasks continue to grow and evolve, so does the need to provide more analytical and data-driven approaches to evaluate and improve entire systems and processes.

Plastic parts produced by an automated plastics molding system

Plastics Molding

Rising demand for plastic products, supply chain unpredictability, and a lack of highly skilled labor will continue to test plastics manufacturers in the years ahead.

A welder using an automated positioning system to weld a large metal container for the heavy equipment industry


Stationary and programmable positioners allow for welding small- to large-sized parts in optimum positions for enhanced control, accuracy, and repeatability.

An automated press system

Press Automation

Servo stamping and automated forming press solutions are designed for seamless assembly line integration, reduced energy consumption, and increased line efficiency.

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