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2024 Transportation Industry Seminar


About the Seminar

Join Lincoln Electric for a two-day, in-person event with presentations and demonstrations from industry experts on materials, joining processes, and automated manufacturing technology for current and emerging automotive applications. Topics will include advances in large line integration and virtual commissioning, prototyping with high-speed steel and aluminum joining processes, laser processing for various material applications, additive manufacturing and fabrication for rapid prototyping, and cell standardization for improved productivity, flexibility, and quality.


Rail & Ground Transportation
Aerospace & Aviation
An image of a vehicle manufacturing line, featuring Lincoln Electric welding robots welding a sedan body

Topic Highlights

Large Line Integration

A silver Ford F-150 truck being carried through Ford's factory by a Fori Automation Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Topic Highlights

Production Flexibility Through the Use of Automated Guided Vehicles

An image of an aluminum vehicle buck (ITAC/ETAC) used for quality control in commercial electric vehicle manufacturing

Topic Highlights

Tooling Design for Rapid Innovation

A rendering of a standardized Lincoln Electric robotic welding cell

Topic Highlights

Cell Standardization for Improved Flexibility and ROI

A screenshot of Rockwell Automation's virtual commissioning software, a featured topic at Lincoln Electric's Transportation Industry Seminar

Topic Highlights

Virtual Commissioning of Integrated Systems

An image of Lincoln Electric's collaborative welding robot cart and X-Tractor Mini welding fume extractor inside a warehouse

Topic Highlights

Cobot Utilization - Destructive Testing Demonstration

An image of Lincoln Electric's new Prototype Center in Metro Detroit, featuring a robotic welding cell for demonstrating laser welding on aluminum battery trays used in electric vehicles

Topic Highlights

Lincoln Electric's New Prototype Center

An image of Lincoln Electric's Laser-Pak™ robotic laser welding system

Topic Highlights

Laser Processing for Multiple Material Applications

A carbon fiber car part on a yellow sports car

Topic Highlights

Composites & Their Applications

A close-up image of Lincoln Electric's SpotMeld™ friction stir welding system

Topic Highlights

SpotMeld™ - Innovation in Friction Welding

A close-up shot of weld beads on a round aluminum component

Topic Highlights

Aluminum Alloy Study

A close-up shot of a Lincoln Electric robotic MIG/GMAW welding system welding steel

Topic Highlights

Weldability of Gen-3 Steels

What to Expect

Informative Speakers & Presentations

Interactive Product Demonstrations

Immersive Facility Tours

Invaluable Networking Opportunities

Who Should Attend?

The Lincoln Electric 2024 Transportation Industry Seminar is a must-attend event for forward-thinking process, design, assembly, and product engineers, launch leaders, production managers, and business directors charged with continuous improvement and maximizing return on capital investment. It offers an enriching platform for team leaders and other innovators to engage in crucial conversations about the future of automotive manufacturing and to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry.

Attendees will be immersed in the latest advancements in large line integration, virtual commissioning, prototyping, joining processes, laser processing, additive manufacturing, advanced materials, and cell standardization technologies for automotive and transportation applications. Our agenda is packed with informative sessions led by the Lincoln Electric team and guest presentations from industry thought leaders.

Beyond the technical insights, this seminar is an unparalleled opportunity for meaningful networking. Connect with peers and industry leaders during our breakout sessions, tours, and opening reception at M1 Concourse. Whether you’re looking to expand your professional network, explore new solutions for your company, or engage with sales about shaping the future of your business, this seminar is where you need to be.

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Beyond the Sessions

Facility Tours

The exterior of Fori Automation Global Headquarters in Shelby Township, Michigan

Fori Automation

Fori Automation, LLC, a Lincoln Electric company, specializes in turnkey systems integration for assembly, material handling, end-of-line testing, and robotic welding solutions for the global marketplace. Fori supports a diverse customer base with inventive and thoughtful results to meet each customer’s needs.

The exterior of Baker Industries Plant 1 in Macomb, Michigan

Baker Industries

Baker Industries, a Lincoln Electric company, is an industry-leading supplier of tooling, prototyping, CNC machining, fabrication, 3D printing, assembly, finishing, quality inspection, and tooling design & engineering services to OEM and Tier-1 manufacturers in the world’s most demanding industries.

After Hours

Opening Reception

Join us at the new M1 Concourse Event Center for our Opening Reception, your opportunity to network with industry peers and the Lincoln Electric team. Enjoy an evening full of food, drinks, networking, and a unique on-track driving experience with a professional driver!

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